• “When I unexpectedly developed a frozen shoulder, I was concerned about my time away from playing my guitar and participating in sports. Naturally I wanted to see a highly skilled physical therapist who could accurately access and treat my shoulder so I could regain my normal range of motion as soon as possible.

    A friend in the health care industry referred me to Raul Caimanque. I was impressed with his expertise and dedication to the well being of his patients. The treatment I received in the clinic in addition to the straight forward home exercise program allowed me to resume my favorite activities sooner than anticipated. I highly recommend Raul for results oriented physical therapy as he truly cares about his patients.”

    - DJ

  • “I worked as a physical therapist and athletic trainer for years so I am familiar with the clinicians in the Bay Area. I looked for the best physical therapist to treat my acute musculoskeletal Injuries.

    Once I saw Raul I never went to another therapist as he never ceased to amaze me with the vastness of his skills set and familiarity with acute and chronic pathology. He always designed an effective treatment plan that helped me regain my function.”

    - HWG

  • “We will be forever grateful to Raul Caimanque and his incredible staff at Mission District Therapy for helping our teenage daughter heal from a serious overuse piano injury. Raul was referred to us by SFJazz in which our daughter is a pianist in their Highschool All-Star big band.

    Prior to finding Raul, she had been seen by a Sports medicine doctor, Orthopedic doctor, Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists for months with no improvement to her condition. During her very first appointment, Raul was able to identify underlying postural issues, as well as areas of tightness and constriction in her neck, shoulders, rib cage, and hips which were all factors that created her arm swelling and pain. Raul’s exceptional knowledge of kinesiology and the modalities he employs has enabled our daughter to keep playing and excelling while under his care. Raul is also an educator and we are confident that because of him, and the knowledge he is bestowing upon her, she will have longevity in her career as a musician. We will never forget the generosity, care, and support of Raul Caimanque and his entire staff!”

    - C & J

  • “Raul is a true healer! His understanding of biomechanics and his ability to tailor his physical therapy treatments to my symptoms helps me to feel so much better after every visit! I have been going to see Raul at Mission District Therapy every two weeks for osteoarthritis in my hips since 2011. I underwent a total hip replacement of my right hip in 2016. Raul helped me to strengthen and stretch my hip muscles which improved my mobility and alleviated my discomfort beforesurgery, and accelerated my recovery after surgery. Raul helps me to stay active and pursue my weekly cycling, Pilates, and weight lifting workouts, and my passions for playing pickleball, hiking, traveling, and keeping up with my grandkids. Thanks Raul”

    - Dr. J.B.